Our story

It all began with two trucks.

Two trucks... and a mission to create a driver centric company that can deliver upon the promise to our customers: a streamlined, cost efficient supply chain. Intermodal Shippers Group Inc (ISG) is your devoted drayage provider in Southern California and Dallas-Fort Worth, with a proud combined 50 years of unparalleled experience in logistics and trucking. Yes, our beginning was humble, but it was also the beginning of something magnificent. Over the years, steady growth as a company is evidence of an honorable reputation built upon loyalty to our clients, hard work of our team members and customer satisfaction.

ISG is an asset-based carrier and employee driver company. Since ISG’s inception we have strived to hire the best drivers, compensate better than our competitors, operate the best equipment to make our drivers comfortable and emphasize safety with quality of life in mind. This is the formula that still works to deliver unparalleled service to our customers.
ISG is always looking to the future with a sole focus on how we can improve your business and give you peace of mind during the shipping process. We offer intermodal drayage and regional haul. ISG drivers begin and end their day in the same terminal so they can go home to their families everyday.

Logistics Expertise That Drives Growth

Southern California and Dallas Fort Worth

Asset based, employee model

DC network


Founded in 2013, we are celebrating 10 years of excellence.


ISG provides its customers and drivers with around-the-clock support to resolve any logistical issues that might arise


ISG runs more than 36 trucks in the Southern California and Dallas Fort Worth area on a daily basis. We have continually added assets to our fleets every quarter for the past 2 years.